How to transform your annual meetings and company retreats into highly productive, game-changing events with results that stick.


Offsites (aka company retreats) have been a staple for companies since the 1960s. Offsites were originally designed to boost employee morale and promote team cohesion, and today they have evolved into opportunities for strategic brainstorming and leadership development, adding in elements of work-life balance and individual well-being. 

Done right, offsites can serve as powerful catalysts that break up the patterns of the normal work routine, igniting new possibilities while fostering connection, camaraderie, and trust. They are an opportunity to inspire and unify your people around a common culture, vision, and objectives to rocket your goals.

Unfortunately, many offsites come nowhere close to living up to this potential.

In this FREE VIDEO, our CEO, Chris Hawker shares CultureFire's winning process which uses simple, predictable human psychology to...

🔥 Unite & align teams

🔥 Foster creativity

🔥 Boost morale

🔥 Optimize the time spent together

🔥 Make good use of the company resources

🔥 Produce lasting change in company culture



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Imagine a workplace where conflicts are skillfully resolved, collaboration & productivity soar, and employees are fulfilled in their work. Our mission is to make that dream come to life for executives and their teams.

CultureFire designs and delivers interactive, experiential workshops that cultivate empathy, effective communication, and self-awareness. Our expert facilitators guide transformative experiences that ignite lasting change that results in happy, harmonious, and high-performing teams.

CultureFire shakes up the boring, lecture-based corporate training with engaging, dynamic, interactive experiences designed specifically for your people and goals.


CultureFire has been instrumental in Kasasa reinventing our culture from the ground up, helping implement a system of regular discussion group meetings based on a playbook which they developed. Their expertise and ability to adapt to the ever-evolving dynamics has been invaluable in managing this complicated project occurring during a challenging time."

Gabe Krajicek

Kasasa, President

CultureFire has been invaluable in clarifying our company vision: “to nourish communities by serving up happiness through moments of joy”. The simple tools they teach have changed the way we interact as an organization with over 1000 employees, turning us into a well-oiled team with 30% less employee turnover than our peers."

Leigh Chamness

ISON Family Restaurants/McDonald’s, CEO

When I thought about who could uniquely tap into that potential immediately for my team, unleash them, and take their results to the next level, the first person I thought of was Chris Hawker. I knew what he had unlocked for me, and he was the trainer I wanted to open my team’s eyes to new possibilities. That meeting changed the trajectory of our team’s connection, culture, and idea creation, which led to some of the biggest breakthrough results in the company."

Jenny Cupps

Duracell, Vice President

North America Sales Capability

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